Koubek Center Presents

¡Danzón Cubano!

Federico Britos and his ensemble and the Miami Dade College Orchestra

Saturday, Feb 17 at 8pm

A 1940s-style ballroom social dance in tribute to legends Barbarito Diez, Benny Moré and Cachao.
Danzón is the most romantic musical genre of Cuba and a slow, elegant partner dance with concise footwork and elegant pauses allowing couples to stand listening to virtuoso instrumental passages. Also revered in Mexico and Puerto Rico, the danzón’s characteristic look has become iconic: the closeness of partners, the swaying hips, and the minimal use of floor space, limited to a single floor tile (ladrillo).

Right in time for Valentine’s Day weekend, Koubek Center channels these sweeter times with an enchanting evening of slow dancing, beautiful attire, old-school manners and glorious music courtesy of titan of violin Federico Britos along with the Emmy Award- winning Miami Dade College Symphony Orchestra.