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An uncommonly smart love story
TEN WINTERS (Dieci inverni)

A film by Valerio Mieli
Cast: Isabella Ragonese, Michele Riondino, Glen Blackhall, Sergei Zhigunov 

Italy, Russia | 2009 | 99 min. | Romance, Drama, Comedy | Not Rated
Italian with English Subtitles

Winter of 1999. A small ferry crosses the Venice lagoon. Camilla, a shy eighteen year-old who has just arrived from her small town to study Russian literature at the University, spots a boy among the crowd. He too is a new arrival carrying a suitcase. The two exchange looks: hers are reserved, his bolder. Silvestro is the same age as Camilla, but he masks his lack of experience behind a naive brashness. When the ferry docks, he decides to follow the girl in the narrow, foggy streets of an island in the lagoon. An adventure destined to last ten years begins, taking the two young people from student life in Venice to the unsettling frenetic pace of Moscow’s theatres and enormous, traffic-filled streets. Each winter opens a window into the lives of two people who never completely lose touch but continue growing, marked by their difficult but glorious entry into adulthood.

Screenplay:  Valerio Mieli, Davide Lantieri, Isabella Aguilar
Cinematography: Marco Onorato
Editing: Luigi Mearelli
Original Music: Francesco De Luca, Alessandro Forti

2010 Open Roads: New Italian Cinema at NY Lincoln Center: Official selection
2010 David di Donatello Awards, Italy: Best New Director
2009 Tokyo International Film Festival: Official selection
2009 Venice Film Festival: Official selection
2009 Toronto Film Festival: Official selection

“This quietly unassuming film [is] like Two for the Road in reverse, set in an overcast Venice devoid of tourists.” – Kent Turner, Film-Forward | Full review

“Ten Winters is one great story” – Anne Murphy, FilmDude | Full review 

 “…an impressive debut work about the romantic lives of two young adults which managed to cut through the usual swath of saccharine sweet romances to bring us something that's quite painful and bittersweet in the affairs of the fickle heart.” – Stefan S, A Nutshell Review [Singapore] | Full review

“The ultimate strengths of the picture lie in the way the actors mold their characters over the leaping time periods, illustrating the subtle differences of time passing… Putting the more ludicrous scenarios aside, Ten Winters manages to capture a beautifully painful, reflective push and pull between two souls who keep finding their way back to each other.” - Adam Keleman, Slant Magazine | Full review